Expressional Heart

About Me

Founder & Owner
Julie Johnson

Hi, I'm Julie and welcome to my website Expressional HeART!

As you can tell by my photo, I don't tend to take myself too seriously!

I love to make art and craft giftware as well as healing products that are inspired by nature and made with nature.

Expressional HeART is a subsidiary of Sunflower Angels, together with my life and business partner Toni, we give you choices for change through our services and products.  I am a qualified and insured healer, with a passion to spread as much love and healing to the world through my products.  I was told by my healing guide "White Feather" that healing takes many forms and this is my goal, to reach as many people as I can!

This world is forever changing, sometimes it's a challenge to keep up with it!  The increase in technology can lead us to forget the beautiful nature we are surrounded by and I feel it's so important not to take nature for granted and gain a new vision and perspective for life.

So, I hope through my products and blog entries, I can share my thoughts, guidance and inspiration for nature and it's amazing beauty.

As always, from my Expressional HeART to yours ♥