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Angels are always with us!

I was out walking the other day with a friend at a nearby nature reserve...

Took a photo of this stunning view whilst we were walking up the path. As we were chatting about our future plans, ways to move forward on our spiritual journey, I happen to look up in to the sky and saw this!

Three beautiful angels in the sky! It just couldn't get any better in that moment and we certainly knew we were being heard, guided and protected by the angels. I then looked over to the other side in the sky and saw this!

Another angel and feathers! It was just something you don't see very often and we were very blessed together to witness such beauty in the sky. As some of us know, angels are always around us if we call on them, but sometimes they like to show us a visual or tangible way of communicating with us, to let us know they have heard our cries for guidance and help and also to let us know that we're heading in the right direction.

Such reassurance is vital to some as we all get caught up in what life throws at us, trying to juggle too many balls in the air can be challenging! Gentle reminders that we're on the right path, allows us to take stock, re-evaluate, focus and gain motivation to push forward on our lifes mission and purpose.

If you ever ask the angels for any help or guidance, they may show you they have heard with visual signs, make sure you keep yourself aware!

From my Expressional HeART to yours ♥

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